VDO Dayton PN 3000

VDO Dayton PN 3000
VDO Dayton PN 3000 is a new portable automotive GPS System by Siemens VDO that can also be integrated into the vehicle like a permanently installed system. It features a 4.3″ Touch Screen Display (TFT LCD), 300 MHz CPU, 64 MB Flash ROM and 64 MB SD RAM and a 20-Channel GPS Receiver. Of course like every new GPS System that respects itself, it offers more than just navigation. It sports an MP3 Player and two games Sudoku and Blockbuster.

Other features include:

  • European Maps
  • Voice Guidance
  • Automatic Display Brightness Control
  • Stereo Headphone Out
  • SD Card Slot
  • IR Receiver for Remote Control
  • 2D/3D Map view
  • Lithium-Ion Battery 2500 mAh for 4h navigation
  • Dimensions: 125 mm x 83 mm x 24 mm
  • Weight: 259 g
  • Freely customizable infobar

Finally the written menus are available in 21 written languages (20 if you consider English UK and US the same :) ) and it can also guide you using 24 different voices 24 voices (English UK, English US (3x), Spanish (2x), French (2x), German (2x), Italian (3x), Brasil, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slowenian, Swedish, Turkish).

The PN 3000 comes in three versions the basic model, a model with with TMC, and a model with TMC and bluetooth.

The price is not listed on the site but it appears that the retail prices for the three models are 470, 500 and 550 Euros respectively.

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