TomTom Go 910

tomtom Go 910 GPS receiver preview

TomTom GO 910 will be the higher end of the new TomTom GO GPS series. It will share the same improvements as the TomTom GO 510 and 710 including the new design, the high quality 4inch touch screen and the software improvements. However it will have a number of additional features. According to TomTom it will be the first portable navigation device featuring multi-continental map coverage including the whole of Europe, the USA and Canada. It will also a number of extras such as a fully integrated MP3 player for playing audiobooks, music and podcasts as well as text-to-speech functionality and a 20 GB hard drive for storing your music files.

The TomTom GO 910 is expected to start shipping in April along with the rest of the new TomTom GO GPS devices.

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