Navigon 7100 and 5100

Navigon 7100
Navigon is presenting two brand new navigation systems at the CeBIT this year, the Navigon 7100 and 5100. The first impression is that they have a really stylish design. The main difference of the two models is that the Navigon 7100 has a 4.3-inch display (16:9), while screen of the Navigon 5100 is 3.5″. Some of the other features of the two systems include Bluetooth for hands free calling, free traffic information, 2D or 3D map view and voice input. A new function that we will find in these new Navigon systems is called “Real View” or “Reality View” which if I understood correctly is a new view mode that will display signposts realistically in a way that will help the user navigate more easily.

The Navigon 7100 is expected in Europe sometime this summer with a price of 450 euros for the version with regional maps and 500 euros for the Europea maps version. Finally the Navigon 5100 will cost 350 euros.

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