Intellinav All-in-one Navigation

Intellinav all in one Navigation

Intellinav is a company that produces Navigation software that if I am not mistaken it was rebranded and distributed as iGuidance by iNav and Routis by Deluo. I appears that they also decided to enter the GPS market with the Intellinav All-in-one Navigation. This unit uses the SiRF Star III GPS module (20 channels, WAAS enabled) and has a 3.5″ color touchscreen with a resolution of 320*240 pixels.

Features and Specifications

  • Processor: Samsung 2410A 266MHz
  • OS: MS Windows CE.NET 4.2
  • Memory: 64MB NAND Flash/ 64MB SDRAM
  • Turn by turn voice guidance
  • MP3 playback and Photo Viewer
  • 1.2 million POIs
  • Day and night modes for optimized viewing
  • Preloaded with maps of USA, Canada, Puerto Rico and U.S Virgin Islands all in 1GB SD card
  • Expansion Slot: SD Card
  • PC Interface: USB 1.1
  • Battery: Lithium-Ion 2000 mAH (5+ hours of battery life)
  • Dimensions: 112x91x30 mm (LxHxD)
  • Weight: 7.5oz (Approx)

Pricing and Availability

The Intellinav All-in-one Navigation is currently available and retails from $379.99 (at Newegg the lowest price I could find)

Intellinav All-in-one Navigation Images

Intellinav all in one Navigation mounted
Intellinav all in one Navigation side view

2 Responses to Intellinav All-in-one Navigation

  1. Chicagodesi February 15, 2007 at 9:27 am #

    I just received this GPS unit in the mail yesterday and the first impressions of it are very positive. The box is very professionally printed and packed, and the unit feels nice and solid and well constructed. The maps are preloaded on a 1GB SD card. After you charge it for about 2-3 hours and turn the unit it, it will take about 15-20 min to acquire a satellite signal and make sure that you are near a window. Afterwards, it usually takes about 30 seconds to a minute to re-acquire the GPS signal. I set my home location and i just started driving around. The screen is very bright and crisp, and the female voice guidance is sharp and clear. I started driving around and i told it to Go Home and then i tried my best to get lost. And each time i went past where it told me to turn, it only took about 5 seconds or even less for it to re-calculate another route home.

    Honestly, you have got to have the Text to Speech feature. It makes a HUGE difference when the voice tells you to “Make a right in 200 ft at Randall Road” rather than “Make a right in 200 feet”. The maps are very accurate, at least for the Chicago area and I coudl not be happier with this unit. It’s a great deal and a must have, especially having the text to speech feature where it reads out the street names is simply wonderful. All in all, a great unit with great battery life and a very nice simple easy to use interface which anyone can get used to very quickly.


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    [...] Intellinav One, the GPS system that I have posted about in January has received it’s first review by PC Magazine. The Intellinav One GPS Review is more positive that I would have guessed when I first came across this unit. Overall, the PC Magazine editor rates it four stars out of five anf his biggest gripes with the unit are that it’s multimedia functions are rather basic and that it doesn’t support bicycle or pedestrian routing profiles. Nonetheless, it sounds like Intellinav One is a very good value for money (costs about $350). Lets hope that more reviews will be published so that we can get more opinions about it. [...]