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Navman F30 F40 and F50

It only took less than a day to verify my previous post about the new Navman GPS systems including the Navman F30, F40 and the Navman F50 was right. Navman has now posted details about the new F Series systems on their site. The tech specs of the F30 are the ones we have posted [...]

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Navman F30 F40 and F50 Coming Soon?

It appears that Navman is preparing 3 new GPS devices for it’s F series the Navman F30 F40 and F50. Let me first of all tell you how I found about these new GPS systems and why this isn’t just a rumor. From time to time I search using most big search engines for products [...]

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Navman iCN530

Yesterday, Navman besides the iCN 720 and iCN 750 has also announced a new model in the iCN500 series, the iCN 530. This new Sat-Nav device is using the second generation SiRFStarIII and has a 3.5inch touchscreen. Some of the other features of the Navman iCN530 include the back-on-track technology, 3D-map view and turn-by-turn voice [...]

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Navman iCN720 and iCN750

Navman has announced today three new devices of the iCN series. The two top of the line are the iCN720 and iCN750. Those two new units have 4 inch (480×272 pixels) LCD widescreen displays and use the second-generation SiRF Star III chipset. The most impressive of all the features of the iCN720 and the iCN750 [...]

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Navman iCN330

Navman Europe has announced a new entry-level Sat-Nav System, the Navman iCN330. This new GPS system is a in car, portable, pocket sized GPS device. Some of the specifications of the iCN330 include: SiRFStar II eLP chipset 2.83 inch TFT LCD color screen (240*320) SiRF XTrac™ GPS technology Turn-by-turn navigation Door-to-door navigation using pre-loaded software [...]

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Navman iCN 520 Review

Volker Weber over at vowe dot net has posted a review of the Navman iCN 520, Navman’s upgraded version of the iCN510. Some of the key features of the iCN include: iCN 520 key features: · 3.5’’ high definition colour touch screen · Downloadable speed camera locations · Portable & user friendly · 3D door-to-door [...]

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