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Mainnav MW-705 – GPS Watch with Optional Bluetooth

MainNav, the Taiwanese GPS manufacturer that recently released the MG-920 Bluetooth GPS receiver with an FM transmitter is releasing another interesting GPS product, a GPS watch with optional bluetooth. The watch looks kinda bulky and it’s size is 69 x 55 x 28mm (I couldn’t find how much it weights). Nonetheless, it’s an interesting concept, [...]

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Motorola T805 and T815

Motorola announced today the stylish Motorola T805 and T815 at the 3GSM World Congress 2007. According to the press release the T805 is a “phone-based Navigation System” and the T815 is a “Smartphone-based Navigation System” , both featuring Motorola’s new MOTONAV solution. According to the announcement, both units through a bluetooth connection with a compatible [...]

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Wonde Proud GPS-BT760 – Bluetooth GPS with Ultra Long Battery Life

Wonde Proud GPS-BT760 is yet another bluetooth GPS by a Taiwanese manufacturer. To be honest I have never heard about this brand in the past but after some searching it appears that its products are distributed under the XAIOX brand in Europe. This latest GPS device is a standard bluetooth GPS receiver that is equipped [...]

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Amaryllo Trinity – Bluetooth GPS with RDS/TMC!

Amaryllo Trinity is a stylish Bluetooth GPS receiver that can also receive real time traffic information as broadcasted via TMC same as the Globalsat BTT-100 that we have posted about before. Trinity was introduced mid January and it features the 20 Channel SiRFstar III LP (Low Power) chipset and has a built-in patch antenna while [...]

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Globalsat BTT-100 Bluetooth GPS with TMC capabilities

Globalsat has announced a new Bluetooth GPS receiver that has TMC (Traffic Message Channel) capabilities, the Globalsat BTT-100. This new GPS unit will be using the SiRFStar III chipset, a Built-in ceramic patch antenna. The Traffic Message Channel (TMC) will be using uses the FM Radio Data System (RDS) to broadcast real-time information of traffic, [...]

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Holux GPSlim240

GPSlim240 is Holux’s latest bluetooth GPS receiver. The dimension of this stylish GPS receiver are 64 x 22 x 15 mm and weights just below 35gr. It has a lithium-ion battery that according to Holux will last for 8 hours and a built in antenna. The device is Bluetoothâ„¢ version 1.2 compliant however it can [...]

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Haicom HI-407BT

Haicom HI-407BT is the second bluetooth GPS receiver that is powered by the car lighter after the Holux GPSlim239. This new device from the Taiwanese company comes equipped with the 20 channel ultra high sensitive SiRF StarIII GPS chipset. In addition to that Holux provides a large range of optional accessories and cables that according [...]

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Holux GPSlim239

Holux GPSlim239 is the new bluetooth GPS receiver from Holux the Taiwanese company. What makes this device stand out is that you won’t have to worry about recharging it or battery life. The reason is simple, it is powered by plugging it into your car’s cigarette lighterc plug. Some of the features of the GPSlim239 [...]

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Globalsat BT-359

Globalsat has announced a new bluetooth GPS receiver the Globalsat BT-359. One of its features that make it stand out is the fact that it supports the new Bluetooth standard, Bluetooth 2. Some of the main features of the Globalsat BT-359 include: 20 channel SiRF III GPS receiver 1700 mAh Lithium-Ion battery 11hours of battery [...]

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Iternet i-Blue PS-3200 Bluetooth GPS

The i-Blue PS-3200 is a Bluetooth GPS receiver that has one unique feature that sets it apart from the competition. It is equipped with a technology that it enables it to determine if a bluetooth device such as a PDA or Laptop is present and active and if there isn’t one it automatically falls to [...]

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