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Bones in Motion introduces fitness tracking mobile service

BiM Active preview

Bones in Motion introduced it’s “Bim Active” fitness tracking, mobile service at DEMO 2006, a showcase for new technology products. BiM Active turns your cell phone into a fitness and location monitor for running, cycling, walking or any outdoor activity using built-in GPS. You can track your speed, your route, the distance you have covered and the calories you have burnt. You can also set goals and BiM active will report on your percentage attained at the end of the activity.
The service also includes BiM Active Online, a free personal online activity journal where you can keep a record of your activities. You can visualise your routes using google maps, share them with others or even post them at your blog.
The company has reached an agreement with Sprint, and the BiM Active service will be available on Sprint/Nextel phones.

Visit BiM Active’s website for more information

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