VDO Dayton MS 2110

Siemens VDO Dayton has announced the MS 2110, a new portable naviagation system. The MS 2110 will come with an integrated RDS/TMC receiver although a model without it will be also released. According to VDO Dayton this new navigation system will use a new and powerful navigation software that has being adapted for better route calculation and calculation speed. Another one of the major improvements according to the press release is the screen display and functions.

This screen offers much larger control elements, created in a 3D look using extremely complex graphics. This allows the user to request important functions in an instant. The monitor display can also be personalized to a greater extent from here on. With the MS 2110, VDO Dayton not only provides a choice between pictograms, maps with two or three-dimensional image structure or a divided display for arrow and atlas, but also makes direct intervention in image processing possible.

Here are the main characteristics and specifications of the MS 2110

  • Processor: 200 MHz
  • 3.5″ Color Touchscreen with a resolution of 320×240 pixels
  • 64MB RAM
  • 544MB ROM flash integrated (maps and software)
  • SD Port
  • Folding Antenna
  • SiRF IIe/Lp GPS Chipset
  • Maps by Navteq or TeleAtlas
  • MP3 Player
  • Photo Viewer

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