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Monitor your children with the GuardianLion GPS Child Location Device

Guardianlion has released a small GPS locator specifically created as a child locator. The device is pocket sized looks like a pager, so it can easily be carried by children in their pocket or backpack. Parents can track the location of their children from the Guardianlion website using a unique username name and password throughout the day. Guardianlion also provides a geo-fencing capabilities. This allows you to program an invisible parameter around a school walking route or designated safe playing area. An alarm will automatically initiate the moment your child crosses this invisible parameter. An alert will instantly be sent to you with a text message to your cell phone!
You also get the control of periodic report signaling. This way you can automatically receive a location report at a specified time of day each day. This feature will allow you to know if your child has arrived home safely after a visit from a friend, walking home from school or a bus stop, etc

More information at the Guardianlion website

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